Monday, July 24, 2006

Bokay of the Week July 21

Each week I'll post the latest "Bokay" of the week right here. Feel free to write your comments and questions and I'll be sure to pass them on to Felder and Dr. Dirt.

This weeks bokay consist of dahlia, roses, gomphrena, and blackeyed Susan


Anonymous said...


I do have a question from the July 21 show- I have something in my notes with 'Crystal' something written down. I listen to the program over the internet at work, so I will miss part of the program when I am on the phone - I think I was taking a note, then had a call. Does anyone remember what the 'crystal' something was? I wanted to write it down, so I obviously wanted to know.

Marsha with the sunflowers - which are drying now.

Anonymous said...

With the discussion of what is too late to plant/put out, what should be going in for a fall garden? I'm in the northern part of the listening area

Tbro said...

I'll forward on to Felder and see what he knows. Also I'll try to get the show archives rolling again so you can listen to the program if you missed it.


DavidM said...

Getting the archives posted would be great! I hope that this can include the episodes for the last couple of months along with the upcoming episodes. Getting the podcast going again would be equally great.



Mobile, AL

Tbro said...

Hello David, you'll be happy to know that the archives all the way back to April are being produced. Watch your iTunes, and it shant be long now.

DavidM said...

Wonderful - Thanks!

Sniffing Nectar and Puppy Breath said...

Hello Felder,
Great you are carrying on and of course, Dr. Dirt is going to missed by us.
Do you have plans on obtaining a permanent host to fill Dirt's place?